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Big Game and Small Game: Top Animals to Hunt in The World

Big Game

Being a big game hunter you go to hunt big, wild animals, which are different from country to country. In North America, hunter should harvest the following wild animals; caribou, wild boar, rocky mountain elk, cougar, turkey, grizzly bear, gray wolf, Canada moose, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, bison and whitetail deer. Sweden is one of the favorite countries for hunters that there they find an ample population of moose, beavers, wolves, bears, lynx, wild boar, and otters.

Big Game In America

Top Animals to Hunt in The WorldCoyotes are one of the favorable big game animals in America. Coyote is family member of wolves, fox, and jackal. They are very sharp to smell and hear. Mainly they live in North American forests, mountains and plains and deserts. Further, they can be preyed in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America.

Big Game In Africa

Many hunters prefer African countries for big game. Tanzania is one of them where you can play with air rifles, crossbows effectively. The country is also known as African Hunter’s Paradise because of the popular animals for hunting there. Few famous ones are; lion, buffaloes, sitatunga, lesser kunduk, and gerenuk. Mozambique is another African country for big game hunters where they can harvest mainly dangerous animals, lion, leopard, cape buffalo, and elephant. South Africa is an easy to access place for hunters around the world. It is the best country for hunting white rhino, and nyala, suni, and gnu. When tracking game it is always good to have a good digital camera with you to film the hunt which has several benefits of documenting the process, keeping memories, and tracking the game by reviewing film and photos from your trip.

Big Game In Europe

However, Sweden is the favorite country for hunting, but Spain is the most visiting country for big game by international hunters. American hunters love to visit Spain for ibex, mouflon sheep, red stag, roe deer, chamois, fallow and wild boar.

Small Game

Top Animals to Hunt in The WorldBeing a small game hunter you go to hunt small, wild animals, which are different from country to country. Normally, you would go for rabbit, hare, squirrel, opossum, raccoon, porcupine, skunk, ring-tailed cat, armadillo, and ruffed grouse. For those types of a hunts something like a Benjamin air rifle will do or even a crossbow. It is up to the region though. As much as American love hunting, there is a majority who protest against hunting and demand to ban killing animals and their species. That’s another topic in which one can debate. Here you are going to know about the small game animals and their geographical inhabitants.

Small Game In America

Argentina is the best for birds hunting go along with air rifle and shoot until you have pellets in your bag. The best weather is March, April and October.

Small Game In Europe

In UK, game is legal only on Sunday and at nights. The most popular animals are hunted in UK as follows; black grouse, red grouse, brown hare, ptarmigan, grey partridge, red-legged partridge, common pheasant. Other small game animals which are randomly harvested in UK named; Duck (tufted duck, pintail, mallard, and pochard), goose, woodpigeon, woodcock, snipe, rabbit, and golden plover. Iceland is famous for Reindeer, Ptarmigan, Puffin, Auk, Goose, and Mallard.