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5 Most Dangerous Zoos In The World

Zoos offer an exciting adventure and provide visitors with the opportunity to experience wild animals up close and personal outside of their natural habitats. When visitors break through barriers in an attempt to take the perfect selfie or animals escape from their enclosures there can be fatal accidents. Here is a list of the 5 most dangerous zoos in the world:

1. Beijing Zoo, China

Most Dangerous Zoos In The WorldPandas are a national treasure in China and the Giant Panda enclosure at Beijing Zoo is one of the country’s top tourist sights. Whilst they might appear cute and cuddly, giant pandas have long claws, sharp teeth and can be vicious. Gu Gu one of the giant pandas at the zoo is responsible for three separate attacks on humans. In 2006 a drunk Chinese man jumped into Gu Gu’s enclosure and tried to pet him; the panda bit the man on both legs and he was hospitalized. The following year a child jumped into Gu Gu’s exercise area and was mauled. In 2009 Gu Gu made global headlines by attacking a visitor who once again jumped into the enclosure.

2. Dallas Zoo, USA

At Dallas Zoo in 2004, a thirteen-year-old male gorilla that weighed three hundred pounds scaled the wall of its enclosure and went on a rampage attacking four people. During the pandemonium the zoo was forced to evacuate over three hundred people from the area and the gorilla was shot dead by keepers. The injured people included a mother and her three-year-old child who sustained multiple bites to his head and torso. Two other were bitten with multiple incision marks on their arms and legs.

3. Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark

Most Dangerous Zoos In The WorldIn 2012, a twenty year old man was mauled to death by three tigers after he broke into an enclosure at Copenhagen Zoo enclosure in the middle of the night. The man’s was repeatedly bitten on his legs, chest, face and throat. Sadly he was found dead the following morning by the zoo staff when they arrived to work.

4. Berlin Zoo, Germany

The largest species of bear, the polar bear is a vicious carnivore which sits at the top of the Arctic food chain. In 2009, a 32 year old woman narrowly escaped death after jumping into the polar bear enclosure at Berlin Zoo. The woman was nearly being mauled to death by one of four polar bears. She sustained serious injuries to her limbs but was dragged to safety just in time by the keepers.

5. Lujan Zoo, Argentina

The Lujan Zoo located just outside Buenos Aires and offers visitors the opportunity to take the perfect Instagram selfie with wild animals. In certain enclosures, electric fences and plexiglass partitions are removed to allow visitors the opportunity to enter animal cages so they can pose with, cuddle, feed and even ride wild animals including bears, tigers and cheetahs. The zoo claims that the animals are domesticated using special training techniques, however has faced allegations of drugging the animals to allow visitors to touch and hold them.